Call for Papers

The SUNY Council on Writing plans to hold our annual conference next fall at SUNY Oswego on October 16-17, 2020, when we will celebrate 40 years of work with SUNY faculty in Writing and Rhetoric!  We have not yet issued a formal Call for Papers, however, given all the uncertainties connected to the current spread of coronavirus.

Please find tentative plans below – and look for a call for papers soon!

2020 Conference of the SUNY Council on Writing

Date:  October 16-17, 2020

Theme:  Writing and Citizenship:  Rhetoric for Public, Professional, and Personal Spaces

Rhetoric as both practice and study has always been tied to expectations about civic participation.  Especially at public universities, we tell ourselves that we teach rhetoric — and require first-year writing courses of our students – in order to help create new generations of citizens who will think critically, write clearly, and argue in good faith.  But how do we need to reunderstand our commitments to this mission in a moment in which the tenor and function of public discourse has shifted profoundly? What are the responsibilities of teachers of writing and rhetoric in an age so many have recognized as “post-logical” and “post-truth?”  How have new media and technologies affected the possibilities for productive, good-faith exchange between those differently positioned? We invite proposals for sessions of a variety of sorts on these and other questions connected to our conference theme.